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Course Review - Pyle and Kenfig

The roaming reporters have not had much luck with the weather this summer. So it was with some trepidation that they arrived at Pyle and Kenfig golf club on a damp misty morning in October. Nevertheless we were warmly welcomed and told that the course was open and trollies were allowed.

Off we went and found the course to be in surprisingly dry condition after so much rain.

P and K is renowned as a course of two halves. The front nine is straight forward, level walking with a good variety of holes. The back nine is a glorious meander up, down and around the beautiful sand dunes, very reminiscent of the Belles Dunes course in France. Most of the fairways are quite wide but care must be taken to avoid the many fairway and greenside bunkers which attract wayward shots like wasps to a picnic!

Readers will be pleased to know that the author and his partner learned from their experience at Pennard ( see earlier article) and ran out winners by a convincing 4 and 3!

The course was in very good condition for the time of year and the views over the Bristol Channel and Swansea Bay were spectacular even when viewed through a sea mist! If your object is to experience the best links courses in South Wales, then Pyle and Kenfig is a must.

Golf Packages to play Pyle and Kenfig Golf Course

A final question. The club badge shown above contains the motto ‘Derenaf’ + S’ : Comune’, as do the tee markers. Of the members in the club present that day no-one could tell us what it meant. Any offers?

Jeff Hanney Roaming Reporter

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